In the name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful.
1. Read: In the Name of your Lord who created.
2. Created man from a clinging clot.
3. Read: And your Lord is the Most Generous.
4. He who taught by the pen.
5. Taught man what he never knew.
6. In fact, the human being oversteps all bounds.
7. When he considers himself exempt.
8. But to your Lord is the return.
9. Have you seen him who prevents?
10. A servant when he prays?
11. Do you think he is upon guidance?
12. Or advocates righteousness?
13. Did you see how he denied and turned away?
14. Does he not know that Allah sees?
15. No. If he does not desist, We will drag him by the forelock.
16. A lying, sinful forelock.
17. So let him call his gang.
18. We will call the Wardens.
19. No, do not obey him, but bow down, and come near.