In the name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful.
1. When the sky is ruptured.
2. And obeys its Lord, as it must.
3. And when the earth is leveled out.
4. And ejects its contents and becomes empty.
5. And obeys its Lord, as it must.
6. O man! You are laboring towards your Lord, and you will meet Him.
7. As for him who is given his book in his right hand.
8. He will be reckoned with an easy reckoning.
9. And will return to his family delighted.
10. But as for him who is given his book behind his back.
11. He will cry for destruction.
12. And will enter a Blaze.
13. He used to be prideful among his people.
14. He thought he would never return.
15. In fact, His Lord was watching him.
16. I swear by the twilight.
17. And by the night, and what it enshrouds.
18. And by the moon, as it grows full.
19. You will mount stage by stage.
20. What is the matter with them, that they do not believe?
21. And when the Quran is read to them, they do not bow down?
22. In fact, those who disbelieve are in denial.
23. But Allah knows what they hide inside.
24. So inform them of a painful punishment.
25. Except for those who believe and do good deeds—they will have a never-ending reward.