In the name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful.
1. When the sun is rolled.
2. And the stars are dimmed.
3. And the mountains are set in motion.
4. And the relationships are suspended.
5. And the beasts are gathered.
6. And the oceans are set aflame.
7. And the souls are paired.
8. And the girl, buried alive, is asked:
9. For what crime was she killed?
10. And when the records are made public.
11. And the sky is peeled away.
12. And the Fire is set ablaze.
13. And Paradise is brought near.
14. Each soul will know what it has readied.
15. I swear by the galaxies.
16. Precisely running their courses.
17. And by the night, as it recedes.
18. And by the morn, as it breathes.
19. This is the speech of a noble messenger.
20. Endowed with strength, secure with the Lord of the Throne.
21. Obeyed and trustworthy.
22. Your friend is not possessed.
23. He saw him on the luminous horizon.
24. And He does not withhold knowledge of the Unseen.
25. And it is not the word of an outcast devil.
26. So where are you heading?
27. It is nothing but a reminder to all humankind.
28. To whoever among you wills to go straight.
29. But you cannot will, unless Allah wills, Lord of the Worlds.