In the name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful.
1. O you who believe! Fulfill your commitments. Livestock animals are permitted for you, except those specified to you; but not wild game while you are in pilgrim sanctity. Allah decrees whatever He wills.
2. O you who believe! Do not violate Allah’s sacraments, nor the Sacred Month, nor the offerings, nor the garlanded, nor those heading for the Sacred House seeking blessings from their Lord, and approval. When you have left pilgrim sanctity, you may hunt. And let not the hatred of a people who once barred you from the Sacred Mosque lead you to aggression. And cooperate with one another in virtuous conduct and reverence, and do not cooperate with one another in sin and hostility. And revere Allah. Allah is severe in retribution.
3. Prohibited for you is carrion, and blood, and the flesh of swine, and animals over which any name other than Allah's was pronounced; also the flesh of strangled animals, or killed violently, or killed by a fall, or gored to death, or mangled by wild animals—unless you purify—and animals sacrificed on altars, and the practice of drawing lots. For it is immoral. This day, those who disbelieve have despaired of your religion, so do not fear them, but fear Me. This day, I have perfected your religion for you, and have completed My favor upon you, and have approved for you as a religion, Submission. But whoever is compelled by hunger, with no intent of wrongdoing, then surely Allah is Forgiving and Merciful.
4. They ask you what is permissible for them. Say, “Permissible for you are all good things, including what trained dogs and falcons catch for you.” You train them according to what Allah has taught you. So eat from what they catch for you, and pronounce Allah’s name over it. And fear Allah. Allah is Swift in reckoning.
5. This day, all good things are made lawful for you. And the food of those given the Scripture is lawful for you, and your food is lawful for them. So are virtuous believing women, and virtuous women from the people who were given the Scripture before you, provided you give them their dowries, and you take them in marriage, not in adultery, nor as mistresses. But whoever rejects faith, his works will be in vain, and in the Hereafter, he will be among the losers.
6. O you who believe! When you rise to perform the prayer, wash your faces, and your hands, and your arms to the elbows, and wipe your heads, and your feet to the ankles. If you had intercourse, purify yourselves. If you are ill, or on a journey, or one of you returns from the toilet, or you had contact with women, and cannot find water, then purify yourselves with clean sand by wiping your faces and hands with it. Allah does not intend to burden you, but He intends to purify you, and to complete His favor upon you, so that you may be thankful.
7. And Remember Allah’s favor upon you, and His covenant which He covenanted with you, when you said, “We hear and we obey.” And remain conscious of Allah, for Allah knows what the hearts contain.
8. O you who believe! Be upright to Allah, witnessing with justice. And let not hatred of any people prevent you from acting justly. Adhere to justice, for that is nearer to piety. And remember Allah. Allah is informed of what you do.
9. To those who believe and perform righteous deeds, Allah has promised forgiveness and a great reward.
10. As for those who disbelieve and reject Our revelations—these are the inmates of the Blaze.
11. O you who believe! Remember Allah's blessings upon you; when certain people intended to extend their hands against you, and He restrained their hands from you. So reverence Allah, and in Allah let the believers trust.
12. Allah received a pledge from the Children of Israel. And We raised among them twelve leaders. And Allah said, “I am with you; if you perform the prayer, and pay the purifying alms, and believe in My messengers and support them, and lend Allah a loan of righteousness; I will remit your sins, and will admit you into Gardens beneath which rivers flow. But whoever among you disbelieves afterward, has strayed from the right way.”
13. Because of their breaking their pledge, We cursed them, and We hardened their hearts. They distort the meaning of the Word, and they disregarded some of what they were reminded of. You will always witness deceit from them, except for a few of them. But pardon them, and overlook. Allah loves the doers of good.
14. And from those who say, “We are Christians,” We received their pledge, but they neglected some of what they were reminded of. So We provoked enmity and hatred among them, until the Day of Resurrection. And Allah will inform them of what they used to craft.
15. O People of the Scripture! Our Messenger has come to you, clarifying for you much of what you kept hidden of the Scripture, and overlooking much. There has come to you, from Allah, a light and a clear Book.
16. Allah guides with it whoever follows His approval to the ways of peace, and He brings them out of darkness into light, by His will, and He guides them in a straight path.
17. They disbelieve those who say, “Allah is the Christ, the son of Mary.” Say, “Who can prevent Allah, if He willed, from annihilating the Christ Son of Mary, and his mother, and everyone on earth?” To Allah belongs the sovereignty of the heavens and the earth and everything between them. He creates whatever He wills, and Allah is Capable of everything.
18. The Jews and the Christians say, “We are the children of Allah and His beloved.” Say, “Why then does He punish you for your sins?” In fact, you are humans, from among those He created. He forgives whom He wills, and He punishes whom He wills. To Allah belongs the dominion of the heavens and the earth and everything between them, and to Him is the journey’s end.
19. O People of the Scripture! Our Messenger has come to you, making things clear to you—after cessation of messengers—so that you cannot say, “No deliverer of good news has come to us, and no warner.” In fact, a deliverer of good news has come to you, and a warner. And Allah has power over all things.
20. When Moses said to his people, “O my people, remember Allah’s blessings upon you, when He raised up prophets among you, and made you sovereign, and gave you what He never gave anyone in the world.”
21. “O my people, enter the Holy Land, which Allah has destined for you, and do not turn back, lest you become losers.”
22. They said, “O Moses, there are brutal people in it. We will not enter it unless they leave it. If they leave it, then we will enter.”
23. Two men whom Allah had blessed among those who feared, said, “Go at them through the gate. And when you have entered it, you will be victorious. And put your trust in Allah, if you are believers.”
24. They said, “O Moses, we will not enter it, ever, as long as they are in it. So go—you and your Lord—and fight. We are staying right here.”
25. He said, “My Lord! I have no control over anyone except myself and my brother, so separate between us and between the iniquitous people.”
26. He said, “It is forbidden for them for forty years. They will wander aimlessly through the land. So do not grieve over the defiant people.”
27. And relate to them the true story of Adam's two sons: when they offered an offering, and it was accepted from one of them, but it was not accepted from the other. He Said, “I will kill you.” He Said, “Allah accepts only from the righteous.”
28. “If you extend your hand to kill me, I will not extend my hand to kill you; for I fear Allah, Lord of the Worlds.”
29. “I would rather you bear my sin and your sin, and you become among the inmates of the Fire. That is the recompense of the wrongdoers.”
30. Then His soul prompted him to kill his brother, and he killed him—and he became one of the losers.
31. Then Allah sent a raven, scratching the ground, to show him how to cover his brother's corpse. He said, “Woe to me! I was unable to be like this raven and cover my brother's corpse.” So he became remorseful.
32. Because of this, We ordained for the Children of Israel: that whoever kills a person—unless it is for murder or corruption on earth—it is as though he killed the whole of humankind; and whoever saves it, it is as though he saved the whole of humankind. Our messengers came to them with clarifications, but even after that, many of them continue to commit excesses in the land.
33. The punishment for those who fight Allah and His Messenger, and strive to work corruption on earth, is that they be killed, or crucified, or have their hands and feet cut off on opposite sides, or be banished from the land. That is to disgrace them in this life. And in the Hereafter, they will have a terrible punishment.
34. Except for those who repent before you apprehend them. So know that Allah is Forgiving and Merciful.
35. O you who believe! Be conscious of Allah, and seek the means of approach to Him, and strive in His way, so that you may succeed.
36. As for those who disbelieve, even if they owned everything on earth, and the like of it with it, and they offered it to ransom themselves from the suffering of the Day of Resurrection, it would not be accepted from them. And they will have a painful punishment.
37. They will want to come out of the Fire, but they will not come out of it. And they will have a lasting punishment.
38. As for the male thief and the female thief, cut their hands as a penalty for what they have reaped—a deterrent from Allah. Allah is Mighty and Wise.
39. But whoever repents after his crime, and reforms, Allah will relent towards him. Allah is Forgiving and Merciful.
40. Do you not know that to Allah belongs the sovereignty of the heavens and the earth? He punishes whom He wills, and He forgives whom He wills. And Allah is Capable of everything.
41. O, Messenger! do not be saddened by those who hurry to disbelief—from among those who say with their mouths, “We believe,” but their hearts have not believed; and from among the Jews—listeners to lies, listeners to people who never met you. They distort words from their places, and they say, “If you are given this, accept it, but if you are not given it, then beware.” Whomever Allah wills to divert, you have nothing for him from Allah. Those are they whose hearts Allah does not intend to purify. For them is a disgrace in this world. And in the Hereafter, they will have a tremendous punishment.
42. Listeners to lies, consumers of illicit earnings. If they come to you, judge between them, or turn away from them. If you turn away from them, they will not harm you whatsoever. But if you judge, judge between them equitably. Allah loves the equitable.
43. But why do they come to you for judgment, when they have the Torah, in which is Allah’s Law? Yet they turn away after that. These are not believers.
44. We have revealed the Torah, containing guidance and light. The submissive prophets ruled the Jews according to it, so did the rabbis and the scholars, as they were required to protect Allah’s Book, and were witnesses to it. So do not fear people, but fear Me. And do not sell My revelations for a cheap price. Those who do not rule according to what Allah revealed are the unbelievers.
45. And We wrote for them in it: a life for a life, an eye for an eye, a nose for a nose, an ear for an ear, a tooth for a tooth, and for wounds equal retaliation. But whoever forgoes it charitably, it will be an atonement for him. Those who do not rule according to what Allah revealed are the unjust.
46. In their footsteps, We sent Jesus son of Mary, fulfilling the Torah that preceded him. And We gave him the Gospel, containing guidance and light, and confirming the Torah that preceded him, and guidance and counsel for the righteous.
47. So let the people of the Gospel rule according to what Allah revealed in it. Those who do not rule according to what Allah revealed are the sinners.
48. And We revealed to you the Book, with the truth, confirming the Book that preceded it and superseding it. So judge between them according to what Allah revealed. And do not follow their desires over the truth that has come to you. For each of you, We have assigned a law and a method. Had Allah willed, He could have made you a single nation, but He tests you through what He has given you. So compete in righteousness. To Allah is your return, all of you—then He will inform you regarding your differences.
49. And judge between them according to what Allah revealed. And do not follow their desires. And beware of them, lest they lure you away from some of what Allah has revealed to you. And if they turn away, know that Allah intends to strike them with some of their sins. In fact, a great many people are corrupt.
50. Is it the laws of the Age of Ignorance that they seek? And who is fairer in judgment than Allah, for a people who are certain?
51. O you who believe! Do not take the Jews and the Christians as allies—some of them are allies of one another. Whoever of you allies himself with them is one of them. Allah does not guide the wrongdoing people.
52. You will see those with sickness in their hearts racing towards them, saying, “We fear a turn of fortune will strike us.” But perhaps Allah will bring about victory, or some event of His making, and they will be remorseful for what they hid within themselves.
53. Those who believe will say, “Are these the ones who swore by Allah with their most solemn oaths that they are with you?” Their works have failed, so they became losers.
54. O you who believe! Whoever among you goes back on his faith—Allah will bring a people whom He loves and who love Him—kind towards the believers, stern towards the unbelievers. They strive in the way of Allah, and they do not fear the blame of the critic. That is the grace of Allah—He gives it to whom He wills. Allah is All-Encompassing, All-Knowing.
55. Your allies are Allah, and His Messenger, and those who believe—those who pray regularly, and give regular charity, and bow down.
56. Whoever allies himself with Allah, and His Messenger, and those who believe—surely, the Party of Allah is the victorious.
57. O you who believe! Do not befriend those who take your religion in mockery and game—be they from among those who were given the Scripture before you, or from among the unbelievers. And reverence Allah, if you are believers.
58. When you make a call to prayer, they take it as a joke and a game. That is because they are people who do not reason.
59. Say, “O People of the Scripture! Are you vengeful towards us only because we believe in Allah, and in what was revealed to us, and in what was revealed previously, and because most of you are sinners?”
60. Say, “Shall I inform you of something worse than that by way of retribution from Allah? Whomsoever Allah has cursed and upon whom is His Wrath, and He turned some of them into apes, and swine, and worshipers of false deities. These are in a worse situation, and further astray from the right way.”
61. And when they come to you, they say, “We have believed.” Although they have entered with disbelief, and they have departed with it. But Allah is fully aware of what they hide.
62. You see many of them competing in sin and hostility, and in the consumption of illicit earnings. Evil is what they do.
63. Why do the rabbis and the scholars not prevent them from speaking sinfully and from consuming forbidden wealth? Evil is what they have been doing.
64. The Jews say, “Allah’s Hand is shackled.” Shackled are their hands, and they are cursed for what they say. In fact, His hands are outstretched; He gives as He wills. Certainly, what was revealed to you from your Lord will increase many of them in defiance and disbelief. And We stirred among them enmity and hatred, until the Day of Resurrection. Whenever they ignite the flame of war, Allah extinguishes it. And they endeavor to work corruption on earth. Allah does not like the workers of corruption.
65. Had the People of the Scripture believed and been righteous, We would have remitted their sins, and admitted them into the Gardens of Delight.
66. Had they observed the Torah, the Gospel, and what was revealed to them from their Lord, they would have consumed amply from above them, and from beneath their feet. Among them is a conservative community, but evil is what many of them do.
67. O, Messenger! Convey what was revealed to you from your Lord. But if you do not, then you would not have delivered His message. And Allah will protect you from the people. Allah does not guide the unbelieving people.
68. Say, “O People of the Scripture! You have no basis unless you uphold the Torah, the Gospel, and what is revealed to you from your Lord.” But what is revealed to you from your Lord will increase many of them in rebellion and unbelief. So do not sorrow over the disbelieving people.
69. Those who believe, and those who are Jews, and the Sabians, and the Christians—whoever believes in Allah and the Last Day, and works righteousness—they have nothing to fear, nor shall they grieve.
70. We made a covenant with the Children of Israel, and We sent messengers to them. Whenever a messenger came to them with what their souls did not desire, some of them they accused of lying, and others they put to death.
71. They assumed there would be no consequences, so they turned blind and deaf. Then Allah relented towards them, but then again many of them turned blind and deaf. But Allah is Seeing of what they do.
72. They disbelieve those who say, “Allah is the Messiah, the son of Mary.” But the Messiah himself said, “O Children of Israel, worship Allah—my Lord and your Lord. Whoever ascribes partners to Allah, Allah has forbidden him Paradise, and his dwelling is the Fire. The wrongdoers will have no saviors.”
73. They disbelieve those who say, “Allah is the third in a Trinity.” But there is no god, except One God. If they do not refrain from what they say, a painful punishment will befall those among them who disbelieve.
74. Will they not repent to Allah, and seek His forgiveness? Allah is Forgiving and Merciful.
75. The Messiah son of Mary was no more than a messenger, before whom other Messengers had passed away, and his mother was a woman of truth. They both used to eat food. Note how We make clear the communications to them; then note how deluded they are.
76. Say, “Do you worship, apart from Allah, what can neither harm you nor benefit you?” But Allah—He is the Hearer, the Knower.
77. Say, “O People of the Scripture! Do not exaggerate in your religion beyond the truth, and do not follow the opinions of people who went astray before, and misled many, and themselves strayed off the balanced way.”
78. Cursed were those who disbelieved from among the Children of Israel by the tongue of David and Jesus son of Mary. That is because they rebelled and used to transgress.
79. They would not prevent one another from the wrongs they committed. Evil is what they used to do.
80. You will see many of them allying themselves with the unbelievers. Terrible is what their souls prompts them to do. The wrath of Allah fell upon them. And in suffering, they will remain.
81. Had they believed in Allah and the Prophet, and in what was revealed to him, they would not have befriended them. But many of them are immoral.
82. You will find the most hostile towards the believers to be the Jews and those who associate. And you will find the nearest in affection towards the believers to be those who say, “We are Christians.” That is because among them are priests and pastors, and they are not arrogant.
83. And when they hear what was revealed to the Messenger, you see their eyes overflowing with tears, because of the truth they recognize. They say, “Our Lord, we have believed, so count us among the witnesses.”
84. “And why should we not believe in Allah, and in the truth that has come to us, and long for our Lord to include us in the company of the righteous people?”
85. So Allah will reward them for what they say—Gardens beneath which rivers flow, where they will stay forever. Such is the reward of the virtuous.
86. But as for those who disbelieve and deny Our messages—these are the inmates of the Inferno.
87. O you who believe! Do not prohibit the good things Allah has permitted for you, and do not commit aggression. Allah does not love the aggressors.
88. And eat of the lawful good things Allah has provided for you. And remain conscious of Allah, in Whom you are believers.
89. Allah does not hold you accountable for your unintended oaths, but He holds you accountable for your deliberate oaths. The atonement for it is by feeding ten needy people from the average of what you feed your families, or by clothing them, or by freeing a slave. Anyone who lacks the means shall fast for three days. This is the atonement for breaking your oaths when you have sworn them. So keep your oaths. Thus Allah makes clear His Revelations to you, so that you may give thanks.
90. O you who believe! Intoxicants, gambling, idolatry, and fortune-telling are abominations of Satan’s doing. So avoid them, so that you may prosper.
91. Satan desires only to provoke enmity and hatred among you through intoxicants and gambling, and to deter you from the remembrance of Allah, and from prayer. Will you not give them up?
92. Obey Allah, and obey the Messenger, and be careful. If you turn away—know that Our Messenger’s duty is clear communication.
93. There is no blame on those who believe and perform righteous deeds for what they may have eaten, provided they are careful, and believe, and perform righteous deeds, then maintain piety and faith, then remain righteous and charitable. Allah loves the charitable.
94. O you who believe! Allah will test you with something of the game your hands and spears obtain, so that Allah may know who fears Him at heart. Whoever commits aggression after that, will have a painful punishment.
95. O you who believe! Do not kill game while you are in a state of pilgrim sanctity. Whoever kills it intentionally must compensate by offering its equivalence of livestock—as judged by two just men among you—as an offering brought to the Kaabah. Or he may atone by feeding the needy, or its equivalent in fasting, so that he may taste the consequences of his violation. Allah has forgiven what is past. But whoever relapses, Allah will take revenge on him. Allah is Almighty, Avenger.
96. Permitted for you is the catch of the sea, and its food—as sustenance for you and for travelers. But forbidden for you is hunting on land, while you are in a state of pilgrim sanctity. And be mindful of Allah, to Whom you will be gathered.
97. Allah has made the Kaabah, the Sacred House, a sanctuary for the people, and the Sacred Month, and the offerings, and the garlanded. So that you may know that Allah knows everything in the heavens and the earth, and that Allah is Cognizant of all things.
98. Know that Allah is severe in retribution—and that Allah is Forgiving and Merciful.
99. The Messenger’s only duty is to convey. And Allah knows what you disclose and what you conceal.
100. Say: “Good and wicked are not equal, even though the abundance of wicked may impress you. So reverence Allah, O possessors of intelligence, so that you may prosper.”
101. O you who believe! Do not ask about things, if disclosed to you, would trouble you. And if you inquire about them while the Quran is being revealed, they would become clear to you. Allah has pardoned this. Allah is Forgiving, Clement.
102. Some people before you asked about them, but then came to reject them.
103. Allah did not institute the superstitions of Bahirah, Saibah, Wasilah, or of Hami. But those who disbelieve fabricate lies against Allah, and most of them do not understand.
104. And when it is said to them, “Come to what Allah has revealed, and to the Messenger,” they say, “Sufficient for us is what we found our forefathers upon.” Even if their forefathers knew nothing, and were not guided?
105. O you who believe! You are responsible for your own souls. He who strays cannot harm you if you are guided. To Allah is your return, all of you, and He will inform you of what you used to do.
106. O you who believe! When death approaches one of you, let two just persons from among you act as witnesses to the making of a will, or two persons from another people if you are traveling in the land and the event of death approaches you. Engage them after the prayer. If you have doubts, let them swear by Allah: “We will not sell our testimony for any price, even if he was a near relative, and we will not conceal Allah’s testimony, for then we would be sinful.”
107. But if it is discovered that they are guilty of perjury, then two others shall stand in their place, from among those responsible for the claim. And have them swear by Allah, “Our testimony is more truthful than their testimony, and we will not be biased, for then we would be unjust.”
108. This makes it more likely that they will give true testimony, fearing that their oaths may be refuted by subsequent oaths. So reverence Allah, and listen. Allah does not guide the disobedient people.
109. On the Day when Allah will gather the messengers, and say, “What response did you receive?” They will say, “We have no knowledge; it is You Who are the Knower of the unseen.”
110. Then Allah will say, “O Jesus, son of Mary! Remember My favor upon you, and upon your mother, how I supported you with the Holy Spirit. You spoke to the people from the crib, and in maturity. How I taught you the Scripture and Wisdom, and the Torah and the Gospel. And how you would mold from clay the shape of a bird, by My leave, and you would breathe into it, and it would become a bird, by My leave. And how you would heal the blind and the leprous, by My leave; and how you would revive the dead, by My leave. And remember that I restrained the Children of Israel from you when you came to them with the clear miracles, and those who disbelieved among them said, `This is nothing but obvious sorcery.'”
111. “And when I inspired the disciples: `Believe in Me and in My Messenger.' They said, `We have believed, so bear witness that We are submitters.'”
112. “And when the disciples said, 'O Jesus, son of Mary. Is your Lord able to send down to us a feast from heaven?' He said, 'Fear Allah—if you are believers.'”
113. They said, “We wish to eat from it, so that our hearts may be at peace, and to know that you have told us the truth, and to be among its witnesses.”
114. Jesus son of Mary said, “O Allah, our Lord! Send down to us a table from heaven, to be a celebration for us, for the first of us, and the last of us, and a sign from You, and provide for us, you are the Best of providers.”
115. Allah said, “I am sending it down to you. But whoever among you denies thereafter, I will punish him with a punishment the like of which I punish no other being.”
116. And Allah will say, “O Jesus, son of Mary! Did you say to the people, ‘Take me and my mother as gods apart from Allah?’” He will say, “Glory be to You! It is not for me to say what I have no right to. Had I said it, You would have known it. You know what is within me, and I do not know what is within You. It is you who are the Knower of the hidden.
117. I only told them what You commanded me: ‘Worship Allah—my Lord and your Lord.’ And I was a witness over them, so long as I remained among them. But when You took me to Yourself, You were the Watcher over them—You are Witness over all things.
118. If You punish them, they are Your servants; but if You forgive them: it is you who are the Mighty and Wise.”
119. Allah will say, “This is a Day when the truthful will benefit from their truthfulness.” For them are Gardens under which rivers flow, where they will stay forever. Allah is pleased with them, and they are pleased with Him. That is the supreme attainment.
120. To Allah belongs the sovereignty of the heavens and the earth and everything in them, and He is Capable of everything.